March Wishlist

Happy Tuesday!
March has been such a tease... the weather is quite indecisive so it is hard to find things to wear. You will be cold in the morning, then warm in the evenings!

Even though the weather has been crazy, it has been a good month so far. This is always a fun time of year, minus all the midterms!

Here are the items on my wish list for the month!

I love March Fisher wedges, but I had no idea they also came in this vibrant pink! These would be so fun for the spring and summer months. I also like the platform, it gives the look of a higher heel but they are still comfortable!

This print, "Well Connected" has always been one of my favorite Lilly fabrics. I am so excited about this Lilly and Pottery barn collaboration! I love have blue in my dorm room and I am sure I would love this in my home one day. 

I am such a sucker for a matching pajama set! This hydrangea blue is one my favorite colors at the moment. Their fabric is so soft and cool... this set would be perfect for sleeping in on the weekends!

The Lilly "Elsa" top is one of my all time favorites. I love to wear it with dress pants, jeans, or even shorts. I love the flowly feel and fun prints! I love how Lilly is brining back a lot of their more traditional/vintage feel to their collection. Pink is green is my favorite!

I have tried this on a recently, but they did not have my size. I have been debating on if I should still buy it online or not! I love this color and the mock turtle neck look. I think it looks best with the sleeves rolled up just a bit!

This. Mirror. Is. Everything.
I love anything cane/bamboo and this mirror is gorgeous! I also like how it is horizontal instead of vertical. I think it would be gorgeous in an entry way or bedroom. 

I love the swing fit of this dress! I also love the white detailing around the neck. Perfect for spring weddings!

Okay... I know I don't have a house yet, but how darling is this flatware set?!
I have seen so many bamboo sets, but this gold is perfect. It is not too yellow. 

Hope you love my March wish list? What is in your shopping cart this month?!

St. Patrick's Day Picks

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Green has always been one of my favorite colors and I thought I would share some fun green items I have found online recently.

Check them out and hope your day is full of fun!

"Going Out" Attire

As a college student, you would probably think that it would be easy for me to find clothes to wear  going "out." Well, it is actually harder than you think! As a future teacher, I try to mainly buy things that I can wear to work one day. I don't want all of the items I buy to just sit in my closet if they are not work appropriate. Recently, I have had a hard time figuring out what to wear when going out with friends. I tend to dress more on the conservative side and don't really care for trendy pieces, so I am always on the hunt for a good "going out" top or dress. 

One of the brands I like, Buddy Love, has great options for fun pieces to wear out. I really like their tops, dresses, and rompers. They are definitely pieces I try to save for a special occasion. For example, I wore one of their snake print dresses to our semi-formal dance at school this year. I really like the cut and fit of their clothing along with the awesome prints! Below I have complied some of my favorite new pieces they have released for the spring! 
Hope you enjoy :)

All of these pieces can be found here!

When Life Gives You Lemons Vol. 2

s u n d a y
Wow, I have been pretty absent from the blog lately. This seamster has been very tough for me. I am also working multiple jobs. I sadly had to let a few responsibilities go so I can focus more on school. I also recently tested positive for the flu, again! So I am spending the weekend at home recovering and spending some time with my parents (at a certain distance, haha!)

My boyfriend and I have started watching Grey's Anatomy, we are late... I know! John recently was able to scrub in on a surgery at his clinical placement so we had to start watching. We decided that we would only watch it together... but I have watched a few episodes ahed of him, oops!

When I was home during our short break at the beginning of February, I was stuck inside with the flu! I decided to buy a movie I have been dying to see, Home Again. Reese Witherspoon is one of my favorite actresses and she is wonderful in this movie! It was such a great, lighthearted comedy and recommend it to anyone! I found to playlist on Spotify and my song obsession for the week is "Baby You Got It" by Brenton Wood.

I also recently subscribed to Spotify Premium since it is only $6 a month if you are a student! This is so much more affordable rather than purchasing songs every month from iTunes. 

Emily Ley free printables!
I use a single binder for all of my classes and I have really made an effort to do my devotion each day and keep up with my spendings. Instead of keeping several different notebooks, I decided to add a section to my notebook for my everyday life. I used her printables and I can easily do my devotion or track my spending anywhere during the day because I always have my binder with me during classes!
check them out here

h&m blue sweater - I tried this on in the store... they didn't have the size I needed, but I love this color!
scout bags lunch box - I have been packing my lunch a lot more recently and need something with a little more room!

Since my classes have started, I haven't had much time to read... but each morning I do read the Skimm. This is an email subscription that I get and it highlights what is going on in the world and puts it into "user friendly" terms and wording. I love being able to keep up with what it going on around me and in a timely manner - they summarize everything so I can just skim right through it. 

Here are my recent purchases:
emily ley thank you notebook
h&m pink scarf
h&m white cotton shirt
navy letter board

iPhone pictures

babysitting sweet Olive!

Friday night out at the FR8 yard downtown!

Catching up on some much needed rest!

Dog sitting for some of our best friends!