Summer Goals

As the school year is winding down, I wanted to share my plans for the summer. 
For the past two summers since I have been in college, I normally travel back and forth to Spartanburg for work. I will spend about a week at a time at each place. This is because I did not have a steady job at home... I would come to Spartanburg to babysit, do gsit, or work at a boutique. 

This summer will be a bit different. I was offered a position at a boutique back home from my former boss (from my very first job)! I will be working there about four to five days out of the week and I am so excited! I also may be doing a bit of interning with a local artist... she is amazing!

This is the last summer that I will most likely spend at home with my parents and I have some big goals and plans since it is the summer before my senior year. 

I am being pretty vulnerable with this post.

#1 - get fit
Since I have been in college, I have struggled with weight gain. I have honestly not been fueling my body with the healthy essentials and exercising like I should. My goal this summer is to get back in shape and figure out a eating routine that works for me! I am also excited to establish a work out plan. 

#2 - study for the PRAXIS
The PRAXIS is a test that I have to pass to be certified to teach. I have attempted the test once and did not pass. The section that kept me from passing was statistics... I plan to retake the test around July or August and I will be preparing for that as soon as I am done with exams!

#3 - read
I love to read and am not able to during the school year because it will keep me from doing other important work! I have a very long list of book and I cannot wait to start reading them. 

#4 - horseback riding
One of my favorite things to do with my dad is ride horses. I cannot wait to enjoy some early morning or evening rides with him this summer - as long as it is not too hot!

#5 - swimming/helping with the pool
We live right beside my grandparents and they have an in ground pool and we are converting it to salt water. I have not done too much swimming in the past because I have recently developed an allergy... chlorine! Once it is converted, I will be able to do a lot of swimming! I also want to help keep the pool cleaned and maintained. 

#6 - baking with my grandmothers
Both of my grandmothers are phenomenal bakers and I want to learn from them this summer. Baking is one of my favorite things and I want to learn from the best!

#7 - DIY projects
As I am entering my senior year, I have already thought about my living situation for my first year teaching. I know I won't be able to afford brand new furniture, I so would like to re-do some pieces that I already have! 

#8 - perfecting the DIY manicure
One of my favorite bloggers, Amy Beth Campbell, did a post about her DIY manicure. I love to have freshly painted nails and I think if I can perfect this method, I will be able to do it myself and save a lot of money

#9 - spend time with Henri
One thing that I miss so much when I am away at school is my dog Henri. I am so excited to be able to play with her this summer. I also hope to get her adjusted to riding in my car... wish me luck!

#10 - spend time with friends
All of my best friends from high school will be home and I cannot wait to see everyone! I want to make sure that I allow time to visit with everyone and catch up.

I hope to do a follow up post of this and let you know how my goals are going and eventually see which ones I accomplished. 

What are you goals for the summer?

May Wishlist

Happy Monday, friends! 
Today is my last Monday of classes. Next week is exam time! I am so excited that summer is very, very close. This year has been a great one, but quite stressful. I am ready for some much needed R&R! With summer on my mind, here is my May Wishlist! Many things are very "summery" and I hope you enjoy!

Emily Ley / Simplified Launch Day Picks

*in true Emily Ley fashion*
Hi, friends!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year... the Simplified Planner launch day!
I have followed Emily Ley for several years now, but this past school year is the first time I was able to get my hands on one of her amazing planners. I have also read both of her books and you could easily say that I am a dedicated fan! 

Last week, the Simplified company released the six new covers for this year. I was ecstatic and couldn't decide which one to get! I took the "planner personality" quiz and it told me that I should get the Blue Tile print, but my heart is set on the Navy dot!

Not only are they releasing a ton of amazing planners, but also so many new products!
Out of all of the products, I am 100% buying the new pineapple hat! I love to throw on a cute ball cap when going to class and this one is perfect. My boyfriend, John, has also requested a hat, haha! 

After tomorrow, I will have to let you know what I decided on once it arrives in the mail!

Below I am going to upload all of my new favorite products and I trying to not break the bank tomorrow on Launch Day at 10am EST!

You can find all of my favorites here!

When Life Gives You Lemon Vol. 3

Happy May!
Like I said in my last post, April has flown by and it was a fun, but busy month. 

Here is what I've been up to (through iPhone photos) :

At school, we had Big Sis Little Sis "turn around week"... my little got me the most amazing gifts!

 My mom's birthday was the 11th... here is an embarrassing throwback!

Spent a lot of time in the library...

Spent time with Olive Ellis!

Celebrating John's 21st at Top Golf!

April had some beautiful weather.

Enjoying Karastan and Zac's wedding at the Country Club!