My Nighttime Routine

After a long day of classes & work, I stay true to my night time routine. 
This consistent schedule helps me stay on track with my classes and course load. I have noticed that when I don't stay true to this, I struggle to get back on track the next day.

change clothes & eat dinner
Typically I am back in my dorm and off work by this time each night, if not a little earlier. I will come to my apartment, change clothes (normally something comfortable, maybe even my pajamas), and have dinner. I may grab something on the way home from work (which I have been trying to do less of), eat in the dining hall, or make something in my apartment. 

start on homework
I try to start my homework by this time each night. I will normally go into my room and shut the door to have some quiet time while working on assignments. 

watch TV & hang out with my roommates
This is something I try to do every night. If my roommates have practice or work, I will often hang out with John at his place or mine. This is my little "brain break" that I take at night before finishing up homework if I have any assignments left. 

wash my face & brush my teeth
I try to start getting ready for bed around this time... but sometimes it is earlier or later! I always take my make up off, wash my face, apply moisturizer, then brush my teeth. It is my nighttime "beauty routine."

pick out clothes for the next day
I have a hard time doing this... and then sticking to it in the morning! I always end up changing my mind, or realizing that the outfit I have selected it not appropriate for the weather!

get in bed, set alarm, and turn on tv
As soon as I get into the bed, I plug up my phone and set my alarm for the morning. I am always so afraid that I am going to forget to do this! I turn up the volume on my phone - I am a deep sleeper. Then, I turn on the TV (normally to Law & Order: SVU) and turn the volume down. This is the only way I can fall asleep!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I am interested in hearing what your routine is!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Happy February! This is one of my favorite months of the year because of Valentine's Day. This is probably my favorite holiday because all the love, candy, and of course pink

I put together a little gift guide of items all from Nordstrom! I have a few of these items and they are some of my daily essentials so they will make great gifts. You cannot go wrong with anything below!

How to Prepare for a New Semester

Happy Sunday!
On Monday, I will start my third spring semester of college. Before each semester, I make sure I am totally prepared. I normally spend the week before prepping so I don't feel behind when I start classes. 

Here are my tips for starting a new semester:

print out your schedule (but double check it first)
Today, I printed out my schedule for my classes. It tells me when they meet, the professor, and what classroom it will be in. Before printing it, I make sure it is correct. I have had classes change times/locations the day before. I print out a few copies of my schedule and I keep one on my desk, in my backpack, and I take a picture of it to keep on my phone. Some of my classes are back-to-back so I don't want to be trying to figure out where a class is and then be late on the first day. 

order textbooks
As soon as our textbook lists are released, I order the books. I know some professor require them on the first day, but I rent most of mine from Amazon and try to get them ahead of time because it often takes a while for them to come in. The only tricky part about this is that I have had some professors change the book requirements once the class has started. This is frustrating, but I would rather take the chance. 

print syllabi
Some of my professors will send this out early and others wait to hand it out on the first day. If they send it early, I will print it out and put it in the front of my binder in a sheet protector. I reference these all semester long. I like to have a hard copy so I don't have to pull it up online all the time. I have had professors in the past use a "working calendar" so the assignments are often shifted throughout the semester. This is not easy to print out since the dates often change, but I will just add a bookmark of the working calendar link on my browser so its easy to access. 

buy materials 
For all of my classes, I use a binder with loose leaf notebook paper. This seamster, I plan to use one large binder that just has different sections for each subject. I try to make sure I have this binder ready to go on the first day because I am often given a lot of papers/important information on the first day. I also don't have to go to the store the first day of class and try to get everything prepared. I also stock up on pencils, pens, highlighters, and notebook paper. 

look at your calendar for appointments
I like to schedule everything in advance, so I already have some appointments on my calendar that may interfere with classes. If I have an appointment that will cause me to miss class, I will write them down and email my teacher on the first day to let them know that I will be absent. I do this to be respectful to the professor and so I can prepare for missing class time.

coordinate time between classes with friends/roommates
The first week of classes is normally the most relaxed week. During this time, I like to catch up with friends in between classes. Also, I can figure out what friends are free so we can go to the dining hall together.

I hope all of these tips help you prepare and have a smooth start to your next semester!

Bose Wireless Headphones Revew

I am happy to say that when this post goes live... I will be sitting at home! Since my school has a Jan-term (tri-semseter schedule), we get a short academic break. I am glad to be home, even if it is only for a few days. 

For Christmas, my dad bought me these headphones and they are amazing! I have never owned a pair of bluetooth headphones before, but since I have the iPhone 7+... I thought it was time to finally get a pair. I didn't do much research on these because I love Bose products & my whole family uses them. 

I was mainly drawn to this pair because of how they looked. I love the white and neutral color inside. They are also more of a "slim" cut headphone. All of my apple products are white, so it pairs well. I was also nervous about how dirty they would get, but I take them with my everywhere and even wear them at the gym and they are great. 

I was nervous about how these would fit because my ears are pretty sensitive. The fit is incredible and they are so lightweight. Some of my friends have Beats, but they say mine feel so much better since they don't squeeze your head. My only complaint would be that they are a bit tall/long. They have an adjustable piece to make them longer (like if your hair is in a bun), but I have to keep them on the shortest setting. 

When I have these on & have music playing, I cannot here anything. They are completely noise canceling! They are great for the gym, apartment (I do live with five other people), library, etc. If you like a dramatic bass, these headphones are for you. 

battery life
I have had these headphones since Christmas day, and I use them daily. I have only charged them once (seriously)! I mean this is honestly one of the best perks. I have never had a tech accessory that had this sort of battery life. Online, it says that it has 15 hours of battery life, but as long as you fully charge them and turn them off when you aren't using them... they last forever!

The headphones come with a zip-up case, charging cord, and auxiliary cord (to plug into non-bluetooth devices). The case is so nice because I always keep them in there with both of the cords. I just toss it in my backpack, purse, or gym bag and go! My only critique would be that the case is not super structured. Amazon has some other hardshell cases that I might use on a flight possibly. 

Overall, I would rate these headphones a 10/10. They are one of my favorite Christmas gifts and cannot wait to get more use out of them. If they are like the other Bose products, they will defiantly last a lifetime!