Weekly Cleaning Schedule

1. make beds
2. wash dishes
3. one load of laundry
4. put away laundry (the real struggle)

1. clean counter tops
2. clean stove top
3. clean microwave
4. wipe down fridge/freezer
5. refill/replace paper towels

hallways/entry way
1. vacuum
2. swimmer floor
3. remove personal items out of the way
4. put away shoes & coats (we leave a lot of our shoes on a rug by the door and our jackets on hooks in our apartment)

1. change bed sheets (I don't do this weekly, unfortunately)
2. put away clothes that are not in place
3. put dirty clothes in laundry
4. wipe down surfaces
5. vacuum
6. put away clutter

1. clean shower
2. clean toilet
3. clean sink
4. clean mirror
5. wash & replace towels
6. wash & replace rugs
7. swiffer floors

I typically do not clean on Friday or Saturday since I am normally out and about. I just try to make sure my room is not a mess when I go somewhere on the weekends... it tends to get out of sorts during this time. 

living room
1. sweep & vacuum floors
2. swiffer floors
3. vacuum rugs
4. clean surfaces
5. lint roll furniture
6. clean mirrors
7. take out trash

I wish I could say that I was consistent with this routine all the time. I will say that I am a bit of a neat freak, so cleaning isn't something I dread. I may not do the exact things above on the exact days, but it all gets done throughout the week. I have really tried to do a load of laundry each day. Just a small load on a speed cycle (courtesy of Emily Ley), but it is hard to do with community laundry rooms. I have learned that if you just stay on top of cleaning, you won't have to dedicate an entire day to cleaning. If you want to avoid that problem, this is a good guide to help you get started!


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January Wish List

I just wanted to share my "wish list" for this month. These are a few items I found online that I absolutey adore. I hope you like them as well! Use the links below to shop.

I have the gold pair of New Balances from J. Crew and love them! These are a little bit of a different cut and I really like the neutral look. I have a hard time finding neutral tennis shoes because I don't care for black tennis shoes, so I think these would be a good fit. 

These remind me so much of a pair of Chanel flats. I love this classic color combo, but I have never bought any J. Crew flats. Not sure if they are comfortable or not - I am always looking for shoes that I can wear all day!

This scarf is a lot bigger than it looks above! It is the perfect transition color and I love oversized scarfs. I often use them as a wrap too!

Like I just mentioned, I love a good cape. I also love that this is reversible! I have been looking for a camel colored cape for a while now, so this one might end up being in my closet!

The last thing I need is another rain coat, but I love the print of this one and the toggles!

I love Sugar Paper and their collaboration with Target. I have a phone case currently that costs about $7 from Amazon. I don't normally like to spend a lot on phone cases, but this one is so cute. 

So this item was pretty popular this fall and I finally found one in store to try on. It seemed to run a little big and they didn't have the next size down, so it did not come home with me. It was super duper soft and once again, I love that camel color (basically a neutral for me).

This set is defiantly more for the summer, but how cute are these?! I love a great PJ set and this pair just has the best feminine & fun cut. 

What is on your wish list this month?


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A Simplified Life Book Review + Book Signing

Happy Wednesday!
Today I am enjoying the day snuggled up in my bed. It snowed this morning so classes & work were cancelled. I have loved being able to get some things done inside while still enjoying the view outside! 

This past weekend, I went to Swoozie's in Charlotte for Emily Ley's book signing! She is my favorite author (besides Gillian Flynn), so I was extremely excited to meet her. I took my copies of her books (Grace Not Perfection & A Simplified Life). My roommate also loves Emily Ley so I took her copy of Grace Not Perfection as well since she had a swim meet. 

I thought I would share a little book review for A Simplified Life & some pictures from the book signing:

I do not even know where to begin on this book review. Emily Ley is one of my favorite planner designers, influencers, Christians, and overall person in general! I stumbled upon her Instagram account several years ago when looking for a planner. I don’t think I can even truly explain my planner addiction. It is something I use everyday and keeps my boat afloat. For several years I used different types of planners, but after my sophomore year of college the one I was using just wasn’t cutting it so I purchased The Simplified Planner (best decision ever)!
I started to follow Emily on social media and discovered that she had written a book (Grace Not Perfection) and decided to purchase it. I feel in love with it and all that Emily believes in. My roommate had also read it so we were so excited when she revealed that she would be releasing another book this Fall.
As soon as I received A Simplified Life, I dove right into it. I decided to read a chapter a day (I wanted to savor it as long as possible). There were so many times I was sitting in my dorm room saying “yes, she is so right” aloud. I also highlighted, wrote, and underlined all throughout the book. It is a book that also serves a guide. It will always be one of my “references.”
The main parts of the book that I enjoyed:
1.     Esthetically and visually appealing (I mean who doesn’t love a pretty book?!)
2.     Meaningful
3.     It doesn’t tell you what to do, but how to make changes if needed
4.     Quotes throughout
5.     She incorporates her faith into all aspects of her life
6.     She is honest
7.     Each chapter/section is designed for simplifying one part of your life at a time (you cannot do everything in one day!)
8.     She reaches women of all ages or that are in different stages of life

Overall, I couldn’t recommend this book enough. My only critique is that I wish it was longer, haha! If you don’t already follow Emily Ley on social media – do so now!

A Simplified Life // Grace Not Perfection

flats // bag // umbrella

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Tuckernuck Winter Sale

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone enjoyed MLK day yesterday, wether you were working or serving!

I thought I would share some of my favorite items from Tuckernuck's Winter Sale! This is one of my favorite online shops - they have so many classic and timeless pieces. I have never actually purchased anything from their site, but I have received gifts from here.

I have been eyeing several of their ponchos. I love to wear ponchos/capes in the winter time over a blouse just to add some warmth, but they aren't too hot like some of my sweaters.

I hope you find something you like in the sale - use the code "BIGCHILL"

Check out my favorites:

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