April Wish List

This one is a good one...

There are so many new spring arrivals out there!

Here are my favorites...

March Favorites

I cannot believe that it is already April 11th! I did not spend a lot of time blogging over break because I was in CA, but I am happy to get back on a regular schedule. Today I am going to share my favorite items from the month of March!

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This cosmetic bag is one of my favorites! I use it all the time and it was perfect for a spring break trip. I actually won it in an Instagram giveaway from Toss Designs. I love all of their products and purchased a few things from then when I went to Charleston last year.

I recently ordered this from Nordstrom because I needed a good brush for my purse. I normally use one by Wet Brush, but the little beads on the end that protect your scalp fall off pretty quickly. So, I decided to try this one out.

I decided to try out a new skincare line and I have fallen in love! It was time to find something new and fresh. All the products in this line smell great and are affordable. Read my full post about them here!

chinoiserie tassel earrings
I received this pair of earrings in my Easter basket this year. I absolutely love them and can't wait to wear them, I would share the link... but my mom made them! There is a very similar pair here!

in-n-out Burger
When I went to CA for Spring Break, I ate here too many times! I love a good burger and I just had to go since I was on the East coast. Several of my friends saw that I was given a sticker so I had to go back and get one for them too!

I also recently had these in CA and they are soooo good. I used to go to a sandwich shop called Which Wich and they had these amazing house chips... and these taste just like them! I know it seems bad that two of my favorites are food, but I just went grocery shopping recently, haha!

Spring Break 2018

Let's just say that this was a much needed Spring Break.

I am taking a very heavy course load this semester so some time away from campus was perfect.

Once my classes were over on Friday before break, my parents met me at school and my dad and I headed to the airport. We went to California for most of the week to visit my sister and my baby niece! The flight there was pretty long... I was just so exhausted from school, I was not looking forward to sitting on a plane for almost six hours. 

Once we arrived, my sister picked us up at the airport. We spent most of the break doing projects around my sister's new house, shopping, and just spending time together. We even spent Easter Sunday there and we all cooked together!

Olivia James on Easter Sunday

She ended up with about four Easter baskets total...

Her first Target trip... she's obviously thrilled :)

Visiting Joe's office at Raley Field

I think I ate here everyday we were there...

After our flight home, I spent a lot of time visiting with my grandparents and just relaxing. My dad and I also got to enjoy a nice ride on our horses. My mom even surprised my with the most beautiful Easter basket. Overall, I would say it was a great break!

New Skincare Routine

Happy Monday!
I haven't done a post recently about any life updates because I have been extremely sick... I had the flu and then I had a stomach bug... I can't catch a break!
I am luckily on the mend and excited because I will be headed to the airport on Friday for spring break. 
I thought I would share an updated skin care routine since I recently changed it. 

Since I was a junior in high school, I have always used this Mary Kay set. It worked so extremely well for me... to the point where I did not have any acne. Around December, my skin has become extremely dry and I started to break out a bit. I was doing my usual routine and decided it was time for a change. I did a lot of research on what I should use and even did several "skin analysis" questionnaires. Finally, I decided to try out the Mario Badescu products.

I completed their Skin Analysis and bought products based on my results. To give a little background, I have pretty dry skin in the winter but can be a bit oily in my t-zone. I have very small, minimal breakouts if any and wanted a product that was anti-aging. 

Based on my results, I decided to purchase...
Caviar Night Cream (haven't purchased yet... they were sold out)

When I wash my face at night, I normally use a very mild makeup removing wipe and take off my  excess makeup. Then I will dampen my face with water and use a small amount of the Enzyme cleanser to wash my face. I just use my hands/fingers and make sure that all of my makeup is off. I will then pat my face dry. Once it is dry, I will apply the Cellufirm moisturizer all over... but more heavily under my eyes and on my forehead. If you use this product, a little bit goes a long way. Seriously!!! 
Finally, I will apply about two spritz of the Facial Spray once my moisturizer has dried. Then, I am off to bed!

So far this routine has worked very well for me and I am so happy about the new products. The price point is not bad at all and they smell amazing! 

What is your skincare routine?